Home Bleaching
What is Home Bleaching?

Home bleaching is the process of teeth whitening done at home using customized dental trays made by your dentist. The bleach in syringes is usually carbamide peroxide and has variable concentration levels. Follow the instructions explained by the dentist on how to perform the procedure.

How is it done?

The dentist will take moulds of your teeth to make the bleaching trays. These are custom flexible, transparent plastic trays which will fit securely around your teeth. Simply fill them with a mild whitening solution we will provide and place them inside your mouth. Only a small amount should be applied to minimize the amount of excess bleach used. The bleach should only be placed on the outside surface of the tooth, and on only those teeth that you want to bleach. Wear the trays for a few hours every day for 2 weeks and notice the change in colour.

What are the Disadvantages?
People have the responsibility of wearing the trays and completing the treatment themselves.

Many people like instant results which can only be achieved through chair side teeth bleaching.

What are the Advantages?

Long term results:

long term maintenance is easier and home bleach method can be repeated many times as per your daily/weekly schedule.


you can do home bleach at any time of the day/night and for short/extended periods.


you can use the trays anywhere your travel.


it is cheaper than office bleach.

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