If you want faster results with minimal pain, swelling, and post-operative problems, this new branch of dentistry may be for you. Laser dentistry offers a long-lasting and highly effective alternative to painful and noisy drilling procedures. Lasers can now be used to perform a variety of functions, including bleaching, cavity removal, restoration, and periodontal surgery. These lasers work with other agents to achieve results. Lasers can also remove plaque and dental decay from a cavity-affected tooth, preparing it for a filling. A laser beam can also help harden bonding material. Finally, it can help in periodontal (gum-related) problems. Lasers can be used to reshape gums, remove excess or affected gum tissue in gum disease sufferers, and remove bacteria from pockets created between diseased gums and teeth.

Triple Streilization

The single most determinant of quality and healthcare in dentistry. Anbu dental clinic are equipped with stringent protocol for sterilization with Class-B Sterilizers, fumigators, pouch packing facilities with colour indicators that indicate sterilization, ultrasonic cleaners, enzymatic and non-enzymatic solutions.


Digital Radiovisiography is the latest X-ray technology in dentistry. Digital radiovisograph is equipped with special image analysis software, and in digital technology it is possible to enlarge the images and their saving in the patient’s file. Some of the advantages of the digital radiovisiography: reduced radiation of the patient compared with conventional X-ray, upto 80% faster imaging technique, makes use of intra oral sensor, does not involve intra oral films or conventional dark room developing techniques. RVG produces high quality digital image on the computer screen immediately and the file is save on the patient’s name.

Use of rotary instruments in modern dentistry has relaxed the tedious process of root canal procedure of multiple appointments to a single appointment. Moreover, it’s safe and possesses the enhanced ability to collect and remove debris from the canal system compared to conventional methods.

Rotary endodontic employs electrically-powered instruments to perform the root canal treatment rather than stainless steel manual fills thus reducing the chances of human error. This also allows us to complete an root canal filling in tooth with curved roots thus making it a quick and a reliable procedure.

We provide you with a wide variety of reliable implants to suite your needs and that is friendly on your budget. We use the best Implant surgery instruments that are practical and efficient to use and conform to the latest quality and technological standards and directives.